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Nomination Coordination Post

By request, if you want to talk about your nominations to maximize character selections, make sure you're not wasting a slot nominating a fandom that someone else has already nominated, or just find other people to squee with, this is the place!

You can use this post to list the fandoms and characters you've nominated, the ones you're thinking about nominating, and the ones you're hoping someone else will nominate for you because you just don't have room for them, but they're still awesome. You can also mention if you haven't used all your slots, and you're open to including another fandom/character.

You'll be able to edit your nominations until we start approving them. We'll put up a warning post before we start the approval process, to give you time to finalize things.

Remember to check the Dreamwidth post as well.

Participation in the coordination post is entirely optional.
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